© Katie Hufnagle

© Katie Hufnagle

Name: Sarah Williams

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Occupation: Teacher by day, Blogger by night

Why Sweden?

While I have lived in the USA my entire life, my heritage is deeply rooted in Sweden. For as long as I can recall, my love for all things Swedish has had a major role in my identify. Growing up all my school projects somehow connected back to Sweden: from country reports, linguistic analyses, to human right essays.

Why Swedish Royals?

Being named Sarah, a name which means ‘princess’, I guess I was destined to find my way to royalty at some point. Given my family’s history with Sweden, the attachment to the Swedish royals was a natural connection for me. While I cannot pinpoint when exactly this interest began, I’ve spent the past 5 years blogging here on The Royals and I and even longer following the Swedish Royal Family. After the success of TR&I, I launched UFO No More in 2017.

Do you speak Swedish? 

Jag talar lite svenska, jag talar engelska. Jag är bättre på att läsa svenska än vad jag är på att prata och skriva på svenska.

Stay Connected With Me:

In addition to Sarah, Heaven of Princess Marie’s Closet joined the team in September of 2015. Heaven and Sarah have been friends for years and are constantly chatting about possible ID's and various UFO's they are hunting down. She doesn't post as much but she is an invaluable sounding board for possible finds and vital behind the scenes! You can stay connected to her here:

Over the years we have been featured in some top sites from around the world.