Welcome! My name is Sarah known online as "theroyalsandi".


I am an avid fan of the Swedish Royals and love the scavenger hunt of identifying Royal Clothing. I started this blog in November 2014 and have been loving this outlet ever since. I have been following the Swedish Royal Family for over 5 years now and have become, as my family calls me "obsessed"! From reading books about the history of the monarchy and the family, to identifying clothes- I like to have my nose in all aspects of the royal life! I have met many amazing and kind people through this blog and have been given multiple opportunities that I could never have dreamed of having (Like this interview with Expressen- one of the top news outlets in Sweden!). Here are some other ways you can stay connected to me:

In addition to Sarah, Heaven of Princess Marie’s Closet joined the team in September of 2015. Heaven and Sarah have been friends for years and are constantly chatting about possible ID's and various UFO's they are hunting down. She doesn't post as much but she is an invaluable sounding board for possible finds and vital behind the scenes! You can stay connected to her here:

Over the years we have been featured in some top sites from around the world.