Princess Adrienne Josephine Alice

Leonore and Nicolas welcoming their little sister home ❤️

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Yesterday, King Carl XVI Gustaf announced that Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill's newest daughter would be called Princess Adrienne Josephine Alice, Duchess of Blekinge. The name was a real surprise to everyone. No one predicted a Princess Adrienne! Adrienne is actually a Bernadotte family name. Empress Josephine (who married Napoleon- not the Queen Josephine of Sweden) great-great grandmother was Adrienne Dyel de Graville (making her the 11th Great-Grandmother of the youngest generation of Bernadottes). The name Josephine while many think it is a connection to Princess Madeleine's 4th name and her ancestry- they selected it because it was actually Chris O'Neill's grandmother's name. Finally Alice, is a tribute to Princess Madeleine's grandmother, Queen Silvia's mother- Alice Sommerlath.

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Princess Adrienne is the first duchess of Blekinge. Blekinge, located in southern Sweden, is the second smallest province in the country. During the press conferences given today, we also learned that Princess Adrienne has more dark hair than of her other siblings had and really does not look like like Princess Leonore or Prince Nicolas. Prime Minister Löfven described her as "sötnos" which translates to "cutie pie".

Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, Princess Sofia, Prince Carl Philip, and Chris O'Neill joined the King and Queen in attending the Te Deum held after the Council which announced the name and duchy. Yesterday was also Crown Princess Victoria's name day which has its own celebration in the courtyard. Due to the Te Deum and Council- those events were pushed by a couple of ours into the afternoon.

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Crown Princess Victoria attended the indoor events wearing her purple Tara Jarmon skirt suit which she paired with a new Nellie blouse from Greta. She carried her Quidam clutch and wore her Rizzo pumps. She wore small purple earrings to compliment the look. When she went outside to the courtyard, she changed into her favorite (ufo) black boots and put on her Ida Sjöstedt Jules coat in black.

Princess Sofia wore a new jacket (and likely dress) from Veronica Virta which she paired with one of her pairs of black Stinaa.J pumps. I cannot see a good photo of her clutch to know if it is a new or old and what brand it is.

Princess Estelle wore her Aletta coat with Pom d'Api mary jane shoes. When going outside to the courtyard, she added a fur collar and hat from Alline Stockholm (in contact with the brand in hopes of getting photos to share with you) and changed into her Pom d'Api fur trimmed boots.

A Visit to Vivat Regina

On February 22, Crown Princess Victoria and her two children Prince Oscar (nearly 2) and Princess Estelle (6) visited the exhibition "Vivat Regina" or "Long live the Queen" at Storkyrkan. The exhibit is a collaboration between the Swedish Church and the Royal Armoury. The Crown Princess and her two children were shown around by their personal guide, the chaplain of Stockholm cathedral Ulf Lindgren.

The exhibition displays the national treasures and Jewels which were used at the crowning of Queen Christina in 1650. Queen Christina was a unique monarch. She became Queen at the age of six but only started her reign when she turned 18. She was Queen of Sweden from 1644 until her abdication in 1654. Indeed, Queen Christina abdicated and converted herself to Roman Catholicism. She also decided not to marry and was one of the most educated women of the 1600s.

Especially Princess Estelle seemed rather interested in the exhibition. She was pictured taking a very close look at the displayed items and even tried to play the organ under the watchful eye of her mother. The visit to the exhibition was unannounced and without any media attention so that the Crown Princess and her children were able to enjoy the display quietly.

For this visit, Crown Princess Victoria wore her favorite Max Mara Manuela Coat (still avaliable) with a black turtleneck and new Valentino Fringe Rockstud boots (Found by Heaven). Princess Estelle was dressed in a pink cableknit sweater (designer unknown) and her Pom D'Api boots. Prince Oscar wore a sweater from Jacadi and shoes from Superfit. Huge thanks to Princess Estelle's Attire for keeping me in the loop with these finds! 

Huge thanks to Laura for stepping up to help me write while I am in my last semester of University and doing an internship/student teaching! You can read more of her writing HERE or follow her on Twitter

Breaking News: Details about Couture Dress Exhibit

Well this morning I woke up to an email from Patriksson Communications sharing with me the details of the exhibition that I first speculated about on Twitter. 

Since this tweet, numerous different media outlets have reported on my speculation, and the Royal Court revealed that it was not an exhibition that they were putting on, but rather it was being put on by Sven-Harry's Art Museum and while it was not an exhibit on Nobel Gowns, it was rather an exhibit on Couture Fashion. 

 Charles Hammarsten

Charles Hammarsten

I can now reveal that exhibit will focus on the Courtier Secrets. Below is an excerpt from that I have been told. 

The exhibition puts the light on the mythical haute couture fashion and its role in today's fashion climate as well as what directions couture can take in the future. With couture garments from international fashion makers like Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen / Givenchy, Balmain, Castillo, Louis Vuitton and Stéphane Rolland, and Swedish creators like Pär Engsheden and Bea Szenfeld, the exhibition explores the couture world secrets and gives the visitor a unique insight into usually closed processes. The exhibition includes a number of dresses from the Swedish and Danish courts.
 Charles Hammarsten

Charles Hammarsten

The exhibit begins on 26 January and goes until 2 April. The designers who will be showcased include:

Alexander McQueen/Givenchy
Stéphane Rolland
Louis Vuitton
Jacques Zehnder
Jørgen Bender
Augusta Lundin
Pär Engsheden
Ida Sjöstedt
Bea Szenfeld
Sarah Hayes & Aspar Karahynseinov – H&M

 Charles Hammarsten

Charles Hammarsten

The exhibit features 2 of the Queen's gowns, and from the photos provided, 2 of the Crown Princess's gowns and at least one of Princess Sofia. 

 Charles Hammarsten

Charles Hammarsten

The exhibition was created by a working group who worked on ideas and content for three years. Creative Directors for the exhibition are Pär Engsheden and Ingrid Giertz-Mårtenson. Guest curator and editor of the exhibition's catalog is Ulrika Kyaga. The stage designer and designer for the exhibition is, Johan Svensson. He is the Creative Director of Vogue UK, is former Art Designer for Vogue Paris and Design Director for W Magazine.

 Charles Hammarsten

Charles Hammarsten

I am pretty excited that I was able to correctly identify the gowns shown on the piece of paper in the Queen's hand during the year's Året med Kungafamiljen. If anyone is able to go to the exhibition- please be in contact and let us know how it was and maybe you would be willing to share a few photos on the blog! 

 Charles Hammarsten

Charles Hammarsten

Huge thanks to Patricksson Communication for sending me this information as well as these pictures. If you have any further press related questions about the exhibit, they are the ones who are handling press for the exhibit and would be the ones to contact. 

Year End Review

Gott Nytt År / Happy New Year!

While I know I have been a terrible blogger this year- I do appreciate all of you who stuck with me and are still around and reading this post! Last year, I posted a summary of the Swedish Royal Family's Days worked as well as the costs of their new clothing for the year, and it remains one of my most popular posts, so this year we decided to do the same thing! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 3.01.08 PM.png

While some people count total engagements or events undertook, I like to count the days worked because that is what interests me (and is easier for me to count!) It is also really important to note that the royals work more days a year than this, this only includes the events that we got photos from or were on the public calendar. There is countless hours of preparation that goes into each event we see as well as typical office work that must also be done. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 2.52.34 PM.png

This year, I have also included a table of the days worked per royal for the past 7 years- as you can see above- the numbers tend to stay pretty constant throughout the years. The numbers in blue are the years that the Princess gave birth, and as you can see the numbers go down in those years (as well as the following year's numbers in some cases). I am most surprised by Prince Daniel's numbers- this is the lowest his numbers have been in the past 7 years, while he and Crown Princess Victoria did take the first 2 months off to spend time with their family. Prince Daniel's meetings with GenPep are not always put on the public calendar so that may effect the numbers, but I have included as many as I knew about. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 8.43.26 PM.png

It is often written about how much money Princess Madeleine spends, but she spent the least amount this year. Crown Princess Victoria spent the most, just like last year, but her numbers did decrease. However, as you can see by the number excluded- there are many more pieces that we don't have prices for. The numbers included above only include pieces debuted this year and only the pieces where the cost of the piece is known. Custom pieces or pieces where we do not know the designer for- are excluded from the cost (and therefore in the # excluded column). 

Now for my thoughts on the numbers: It surprises me how close Princess Madeleine and Princess Sofia's numbers are. The numbers include official events as well as "paparazzi" photos- which Princess Madeleine is subject to more of living abroad. I imagine if we had as many photos of Princess Sofia as well as Crown Princess Victoria in their "private lives" their numbers would also increase. I guess what I am saying is that Princess Madeleine's numbers offer a more fully rounded photo of her actual spending because we saw lots of her in private as well as in professional. 

If I were to estimate how much the Crown Princess actually spent in 2017 on clothes- I would say her number should be increased by 100000 SEK at least. She debuted 4 new gowns, a new set of jewels, plus a couple other custom pieces (that we do not know the prices for) that I expect would push her numbers up. Princess Sofia's numbers I would expect to increase by 60000 SEK at least. She debuted 2 new gowns as well as a few new coats (that we do not have prices on) which would contribute to her prices increasing. For Princess Madeleine, I would say her numbers would have the least increase- She debuted 2 new gowns and most everything else expensive she would have worn has been identified (and included in the total you see above). Because of this, I would predict her numbers increase by maybe 20000 SEK. 

Cost Comparison in SEK

Numbers in Swedish Krona

Another important note is that the Swedish Royal's clothing is paid for privately and therefore the cost really should not be our concern (and yet it is often talked about). The only country that I know of where the royal's clothing is paid for by the country is Jordan. 

Are you curious how these numbers match up to the costs of clothing spent by other royal ladies around the world? Check out UFO No More's Post featuring the cost of 10+ Royal Ladies! 

If you would like to use these numbers for your own article- please make sure to credit me and link back to my original post. If you have any questions or want more information about the data posted here, send me an email

Göthenborgs Symphony Choir's 100 Year Anniversary

This evening, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attended Gothenburg's Symphony Choir's 100 Year Anniveresary Concert at Gothenburg's Concert Hall. 

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The music played covered a wide range of styles and timeframes- including Mozart and Björn and Benny. While this program of music certainly was not played back when Crown Princess Margareta and Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf first visited 100 years ago, I think it perfectly fits the celebration of 100 years: Celebrating How much music has shifted through the years. 

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For this event, Victoria wore a new top and skirt from Baum und Pferdgarten (thanks Laura!), her Tiger of Sweden black embellished pumps and carried her Judith Leiber clutch. This clutch, while many won't recognizes, dates back to almost exactly 6 years ago when she first (and only) carried it to the King's Dinner for the Nobel Laureates back in 2011. Upon arrival, Victoria was seen wearing her Faux Fur coat from Filippa K.  I suspect her earrings are Ebba Brahe black diamond hoops but it is hard to know for sure. I am also unsure of her necklace- if details about it become known, this post will be updated. 

Posts covering all the events I have missed (including the Christening) will be coming- please stay patience with us! It is the final week of classes and then final exams so things are a little bit crazy  right now! (I also am recovering from being very sick for 3 week so I am sleeping when I normally would be blogging right now!)