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Crown Princess Victoria - 27 November 2014

First of all- I hope all my American Readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of Turkey and family and friends! Mine was made complete by a Swedish Meatball shaped like a turkey just for me! (I have been craving Swedish Meatballs is the backstory to this). So much fun with family!

Anyway- Victoria was in Finland today and appropriately enough she wore a Finnish Designer! More details after the photos.

Victoria wore a new dress today, very appropriately as I said above, from Ril's a Finnish Clothing Designer. She wore their Eugenia Dress which is currently available online. Victoria has worn this companies clothes before, most recently a Red and Black printed dress (still available if you are interested) in August.  
Her blazer is from By Malene Birger and it has seen a lot of use recently. I can count 3 times in the past 2 weeks off the top of my head that we have seen it worn. And it works really well for her so I say go for it! 
Her bag is also from By Malene Birger and it is an old one. Victoria has had this bag for FOREVER! I mean pre-bun days (aka 2010 at least). I have not seen it in a few months so it was fun for her to pull it out again. I guess it really speaks to the quality of their products! 
As for shoes- I don't know. Please share with me if you have an idea! 
Victoria kept the jewelry simple and I think that was a good choice. Simple diamond earrings and her normal wrist adornments (watch, probably a few bracelets from Sophie by Sophie). 

Princess Leonore in Marie Chantal

25 November 2014- Victoria