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Discussing Sofia Hellqvist's Future

As most of you probably know, Sofia Hellqvist will officially become a member of the Swedish Royal Family next June 13th. With that we can expect to see a lot more of her and her fashion choices.

I have started to wonder which way Sofia's tastes in fashion will go. Victoria tends to wear high street brands made/designed by Scandinavians (ex. Tiger of Sweden, H&M, by Malene Birger). Madeleine however tends to lean towards well known designers (ex. Valentino, Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta), showing New York City's influence on her I believe. Which will Sofia choose? Or will she mix both?

In the past Sofia has tended to go towards the cheaper high end designers- (ex. Zara, Tadashi Shoji, Gant) but since her engagement we have seen her in more expensive designers such as Roland Mouret and Matthew Williamson but also still remaining faithful to Tadashi Shoji and Tiger of Sweden. For her Nobel Debut she choose a Swedish higher end Designer- Ida Sjostedt.

She seems to be mixing both influences from Victoria and Madeleine choosing high end designers but pairing them with Swedish designers. (See example below).
 Sofia Hellqvist wearing Tiger of Sweden and Matthew Williamson

In the near future you should expect to see a page for Sofia popping up on the sidebar, I plan on starting off with a mass page like Estelle and Silvia have and then as it fills up breaking it up into smaller pages like Victoria and Madeleine's.

ALSO- I want you to know that Ccile and I are working together to identify the gowns from the King's Nobel Laureates Banquet. (In the meantime- check out her blog!!)

Confirmation from Fadi el Khoury

Queen Silvia's Clutch