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Killing us with Joy

I am sure that Kungahuset is attempting to kill us with Joy today. Not only did they release the news that Princess Madeleine is expecting her second child, they also released what is becoming an annual video of Victoria, Daniel and Estelle at the holiday times. Seriously if you have not seen it- You need to check it out! Do it- you will not regret it!

Now onto the fashion!
Little Estelle was looking as adorable as ever! She really is becoming a little fashionista!
She wore a new dress from Ralph Lauren, Shoes and her typical bow from Livly!

Victoria also looked lovely, wearing what I suspect to be a Prada dress, Necklace and Earrings from Maria Nilsdotter, Bracelet from by Malene Birger, and Shoes from Acne.

I highly suspect this was filmed on the same day that they received Christmas Trees. Victoria is wearing the same shoes and earrings and you can see a glimpse of red under her coat. But I could be totally wrong!

Gud Jul! 

Swedish Academy Formal Meeting

Finals are over and Estelle Makes an Appearance!