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Weekly Catch-Up: Silicon Valley and Min Stora Dag

Sorry I have not been around to post lately, first week of the new semester for me and I have been going to bed early to try and kick this cold I seem to have caught in the butt. I have 20 minutes before my next class so I am going to try and get this posted before it.

Madeleine had her first engagement of the year this week when she hosted a meeting with Hélène Benno from Min Stora Dag (My Big Day- the Swedish equivalent of Make-A-Wish Foundation) at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.  Madeleine has been a patron of Min Stora Dag since 2001.

I have absoultly no clue on fashion ID's for this outfit but she looked good. She also wore some "Biker" boots that got mixed reviews from Royal Watchers.

Victoria and Daniel continued their time in Silicon Valley finishing yesterday. Surprisingly even though they were in the Social Media Hub only 3 photos have been seen from Day 2 but thankfully Day 3 produced many more.

Day 2:

 Day 3:

On Day 2 it is difficult to see what Victoria is wearing but I believe those are her ACNE pumps and the same red dress that I suspect to be Prada from the Christmas Video. I also think that is her Stella McCartney bag.

Day 3 Victoria rewore her Giambattista Valli Dress (one of my favorites) and also used her Stella McCartney clutch again. 

Cabinet Briefing for Victoria

Victoria and Daniel Continue their Visit to San Francisco