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Weekly Catch Up

Sorry I have not posted this week- I have been around I promise! I have spent most of my online time searching for older fashions (check the pages in the sidebar!) and have found a good number of new matches for you all to enjoy!

Okay so this is going to be a flash and dash post showing you what outfits have been worn since my last post and noting if we know the designers.

Victoria has had a few busy days this week. First on January 27 she attended the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps in Auschwitz.

 For this event she wore her Milly jacket first seen in 2011 when pregnant with Estelle.

Yesterday, Victoria opened the European Championships for Figure Skating. Estelle and Daniel joined her for the day and we of course got some adorable photos!

Victoria wore her blue Prada coat (recently ID'd with the help of Anna at My Small Obsessions- The Countess of Wessex wore the same coat in cream this past week as well). Victoria originally wore this coat back in November 2014 when opening the tunnel with her father.  
Finally- Today Victoria and Daniel met with John Mullins at Haga Slott. 

Victoria wore her Victoria Beckham top we first saw in San Francisco. 

Estelle in Gardner and the Gang

Cabinet Briefing for Victoria