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Victoria's Suit by Armani

Lately, Ebay has become my favorite website. Not because I am buying anything but because you can find the best Royal ID's there! If you notice the many new ID's on the side pages you can tell some of them come from Ebay!

I normally just look at one designer and check the current and past listings and then move to the next designer. It is a process but to me it is fun. Other times I might search for a design style in a category and that is how I find something. That is exactly how I found this jacket of Victoria's.

I know it is not an exact match but it most certainly is the same design. This Suit is from Armani Collezioni. I believe it is from their 2008 collection but please don't quote me on that! For those of you who are still unsure which outfit of Victoria's I am talking about- let me refresh your memory.

Opening of the Government in 2009 
Carl Johan Bernadotte's Funeral in 2012 
Princess Lilian's Funeral in 2013
Kristine Bernadotte's Funeral in 2014
Off my memory I can only remember these 4 times she has worn this jacket but it remains my favorite. I love the uniqueness of the puckering pleats in the front. Very classy! What do you think? 

FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

Representation Dinner at the Palace