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Victoria at ICC and Madeleine with Childhood

So far this week, Victoria has had 1 surprise engagement ( meaning she attended an event that was not listed on her calendar available online) and 1 scheduled.  Last Friday, March 13, she attended the Swedish ICC Annual Meeting at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. ICC is the International Chamber of Commerce. This post got delayed because we did not get photos until yesterday.

 We did not get very good photos from this event, most likely because it was not made public, but from the photos we got I can tell that Victoria is wearing her white blouse from Greta.
She appears to be wearing a leather skirt and carrying a large black clutch from Hunkydory.

Another event of Victoria's that was unexpected was her attendance at a luncheon for the sponsors of Gundua Society, of which she is patron. Gundua's goal is to promote reading and writing in developing countries. A very lofty goal I must say (coming from the mouth of a future educator) but very necessary.
For this event we have 1 blurry photo and this photo above from Gundua's Facebook page. I believe Victoria is wearing her By Malene Birger necklace and I think that is her Mayla jacket but it is difficult to see the pockets to verify.

And finally Madeleine attended a board meeting for World Childhood Foundation today but I have no clue what she was wearing because 1. She was sitting behind a table 2. Madeleine's wardrobe is less predictable than Victoria's. (But I am working on figuring it out)

Photos from and Facebook

Victoria at the Royal Academy

Victoria's Nameday