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Madeleine and Seraphine

With this pregnancy, we have seen a lot more of Madeleine in an official capacity. She along with Chris and Leonore moved back to Sweden in the fall and I imagine they have settled in to a routine and life which makes it easier for her to take on daily engagements. While they have not been numerous (And I am not opening this up to the discussion or bashing on her) we have seen some great pregnancy outfits from her this time around. Last time she wore a few gowns from Tiffany Rose and this time it seems to be that her new go-to maternity brand is Seraphine. The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most notable fans of Seraphine but their clothing has been seen on countless other celebrities. Let's have a look at her outfits!

Her first outfit from Seraphine is one you probably have not seen before, or realized it was Seraphine. I emailed the company and they were more than happy to confirm and send me pictures of this dress. On March 21 the entire Royal Family attended the christening of their cousin's daughter- little Desiree Magnuson. Originally I posted that her dress could be from Tiffany Rose but it turns out that it was from Seraphine.


 This is their Allegra dress from their LUXE line however it is since sold out.

Madeleine's second look from Seraphine is from when she was visiting the Pope with her family a few weeks ago. For this engagement, Madeleine wore their Cropped Peplum Jacket which she wore over an ASOS maternity dress.

Most recently, Madeleine wore a coat which you might recall from the Duchess of Cambridge's wardrobe. While the Duchess wore this coat in Blue, Madeleine wore it in tan. This coat is also from their LUXE collection. It appears that Madeleine had the buttons switched out as well.

Which of these pieces was your favorite? Do you think that Madeleine will wear another piece from Seraphine on Sunday during Carl Philip and Sofia's Marriage Ban Ceremony?  Leave a comment and let me know! 

Marriage Bans for Sofia and Carl Philip

Meeting at the Palace