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Royal Wedding Predictions

With less than 2 weeks until Carl Philip and Sofia tie the knot I thought it was about time that I posted my predictions for what we should expect for their wedding. You know- who we will see, what will be worn, where you should go to join in all the excitement. The important stuff!

Okay first let's address my predictions for who we will see at the ceremony. I expect the Swedish Royal Family to be there in full force. This means the Aunts and Uncles on both sides, siblings, and possibly cousins. As for foreign royals I expect there to be representatives from all the Scandinavian countries, which I can say with a pretty good amount of confidence due to this report which states the palace confirmed that the Queen and the Crown Prince Couple will be in attendance. Queen Margrethe is Carl Philip's godmother so it makes sense that she will be there. I also expect there to be someone representing from Bavaria there considering Prince Leopold is one of Carl Philip's godfathers. Also we know that Princess Takamodo of Japan will be there which gives me some idea that there will be other royals not just from the Scandinavian country.

As for clothing I have very little ideas about what has been worn. Maybe we will see Silvia in green or purple? I think the immediate family will stick to pastels but then again I could be completely wrong. Tiara's are another story- I have some ideas for those but I think I shall save that for a separate post- I am going to need something to do this week to help me get ready for all this excitement! But just as an idea- could we see no tiara for Sofia?! Hmmm something for you to think about!

Finally- Where should you follow all the excitement? First of all- Twitter! Follow me on Twitter and I shall be tweeting about the excitement! Also you can watch it live on SVT and I shall post that link when it is announced. Now for one more sad piece of news- I actually will be attending a wedding that very same day so I will most likely disappear sometime but I will be back blogging and updating you all just as soon as I can! But honestly- could the Swedes pick better dates?! Madeleine's wedding I was at graduation and now this one I am going to be at a family wedding! Oh My!!

Well until our Tiara post- Happy Royal Hunting! 

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