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Silvia and Victoria at Dementia Forum X

Today both Silvia and Victoria attended Dementia Forum X in Stockholm. Silvia has long been a patron and advocate for Dementia related patronages and organizations and 20 years ago she started Silviahemmet a school where nurses and doctors learn how to interact and treat patients who have dementia. Silvia's own mother, Alice, had dementia so Silvia learned first hand how there was a void in the medical field to take care of these needs which is why she started Silviahemmet. Today's forum was a collaboration between many different medical facilities and dementia research and care organizations. The Queen gave the keynote talk in the afternoon.

Victoria attended the event but alas we don't have very good photos from it so there is only 1 ID that I can make.

This photo above is the best photo I have been able to find from all day of Victoria Thanks to LadyFinn for directing me to this better photo from SvenskDam. From it I can say that she is wearing another jacket from Morris Stockholm. She might be wearing her Sophie by Sophie briolette necklace but I am not positive. She also was carrying a new green bag which I will poke around for but sadly Bag ID's are not my specialty. 

Tomorrow we will see the King, Queen, Victoria, and Daniel when they host a lunch at the royal palace.

Photo from Expressen, Svenskdam, and Morris Stockholm

Lunch at the Royal Palace

Marriage Bans for Sofia and Carl Philip