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Happy National Day/Glad Nationaldag!

Well today is National Day in Sweden! This morning we were greeted with an adorable photo of Estelle wearing her National Day Costume. Victoria and Daniel are off this morning in Uppsala and the King and Queen in Örebro. Let's have a look at some of the lovely photos!

Victoria debuted another new dress from Lindex and paired it with her Giambattista Valli Jacket that we saw her in last week. Her shoes are Tabitha Simmons and her clutch is an old one I believe. I will post a photo of it if I can find it in my files.

Later the  whole family, minus Chris, will be at Skansen! Check out this wonderful shot of the family (sans the grandchildren) in the National Dress.

Photos from Kungahuset

Polar Music Prize 2015

Portugal Day 2