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Victoriadagen Review

I appologize for this post coming almost 2 weeks after Victoriadagen happened but I was away. I am back now (for a short time before I leave again for a week or so) so here is a quick recap of what was worn at Victoriadagen 2015.

Sofia wore a dress from Karen Millen, a jacket from Moncler which I suspect she borrowed from Madeleine, and pumps from ACNE.

Madeleine wore a new jacket from Blumarine and a pair of heels from Givenchy which she has had for a while. This was Madeleine's first public engagement since giving birth to Prince Nicolas.

When attending the concert, Victoria wore the traditional Öland dress with earrings from Kreuger Jewellery.
However when she greeted the people at Solliden Slott she wore a new Ralph Lauren Dress, a pair of gold hoop earrings from Sophie by Sophie, a bracelet from Kreuger Jewellery, and shoes which come from H&M.

Which outfit was your favorite? 

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