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Mette Marit and Victoria tackle the Climate Walk

This past Saturday, Victoria and Mette Marit joined together to walk part of the climate walk which is headed to Paris in December. I have said many times how Victoria is deeply involved in the climate discussion around Sweden and has an interest in the subject which she shares with her father, the King.

They pair started in Norway and walked across a bridge into Sweden where Mette Marit handed Victoria the "baton", a bottle of water. They finished their time together with a prayer service in Strömstad church.

I have no ID's on either of Victoria's outfits except the shoes and jewelry. Her white sneakers are from Adidas and her ballet flats are TOD's. Her necklace and earrings are from Kreuger Jewellery.

As a side note: I have moved back into school this week so please be patient with me and my postings as I adjust and figure out when I have time to blog. 

Victoria at the Junior Water Prize Ceremony

Victoria in Baum und Pferdgarten