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Sofia's Outfits in Värmland

Sofia and Carl Philip just finished their visit to Värmland, their Duchy, where we saw 5 different outfits of Sofia's. Check out what she wore!

Day 1:

 When arriving at the train station in Karlstad ahead of their 2 day visit they were greeted by the Governor of Värmland, Kenneth Johansson, and his wife Viola. Sofia wore a brown coat and top from Gant, earrings from Englebert Stockholm, and carried her Longchamp bag. Her black suede heels feature a kitten heel and bow on the toe. The shoes have not been identified. A very comfortable looking outfit for traveling.

After being greeted at the Governor's Residence, Sofia and Carl Philip changed their outfits and went off to Byamossarna Nature Reserve. There they were able to see one of their wedding gifts, a 3.5km long foot trail with a rest shelter. This pathway is named Heritigparets Vandringsled, which loosely translates to Duke Couple's Walking Trail.

For this portion visit, Sofia and Carl Philip wore coats from Stutterheim Raincoats, as it was a bit wet. Her top comes from Sandro and her boots from Tretorn. For earrings and a necklace she chose to wear one of her favorite brands, Drakenberg Sjölin.

After this they visited Marbacka where they visted Selma Lagerlof's house to learn about the first women to win a Nobel Prize in Literature. They were able to meet some of the people as they walked along the streets. 

For this part of the day, Sofia had another outfit change. She changed into a black and white dress from Sandro and a pair of black sandals from Maje. Her necklace comes from Drakenberg Sjölin

For the final part of the day, the Prince Couple attended a dinner held by the Governor at the Governor's Residence. There they met various people from all around Värmland. 

For this reception, Sofia chose a black dress from Zara which she paired with her Kurt Geiger nude Pumps. Her earrings were the big statement piece of the outfit and they come from Pipols Bazaar

Day 2:

On the second day of their visit, Sofia and Carl Philip started the day in Almentorget (Almen Square) in Karlstad where they took a boat to Mariebergsskogen. There they saw a display at Natrurum going by train to a Children's Vegetable Garden. There the head gardner was able to tell them about how they work with various groups of children to learn about gardening. Sofia and Carl Philip were also able to talk with some of the children who have been involved, which resulted in some adorable photos.

After lunch at the beach, they visited Ztorylabs. Ztory offers an "all you can read" service for digital magazines and children's books. After attending celebrations in Karlstad Square, they visited the Consumer Agency to get information about their activities. Following this, they went via guided boat tour to Kristinehamn. They heard the history of Kristinehamn during their trip and at the end were able to meet with children Kristinehamn's Canoe Sailors who told about their activities.
Day 2 only saw one outfit for Sofia, although she did change shoes halfway through the day. She wore a dress from Gant, in the same print as the shirt she wore when arriving the previous day. Her shoes also come from Gant, until she changed into her black bow shoes we saw when she arrived via train the previous day. Her earrings come from Pilgrim (thanks Anna!) and a UFO bracelet featuring a star. She also wore her Stutterheim Raincoat at various parts throughout the day.

With all the outfits, she wore her Project Playground Bracelet.
Which outfit was your favorite?

Victoria on 28 August 2015

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