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Dinner at the Palace

On Friday, the entire royal family -sans Princess Madeleine- attended the Sverigemiddag at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. This dinner is given once a year since its start in 2013. The King and Queen invite a variety of Swedes from all the counties who have made a contribution to society in some area or another. Last year there were farmers, sports players, and leaders just to give you a few different ideas of who is invited. This dinner is held to recognize their work but also to give the royal family a chance to hear about what is going on in the areas they come from. This dinner is not to be confused with Representationsmiddags which tend to be held twice a year. The Representationsmiddags are a more formal occasion where the jewels are pulled out. The Sverigemiddag is a less formal affair and there are no jewels or orders. Cocktail or long dresses may be worn and normally the family splits it up so at least one person is wearing a short dress.
This year Sofia got the short dress and Victoria debuted her baby bump in a long gown. (Side note- Victoria is pregnant!!!!! Due in March 2016! I was so excited I made myself sick to the point where I thought I was going to pass out!) Silvia always comes in a gown so this was not a surprise to me.

Sofia wore a dress from Dagmar with what appear to be her Saint Laurent Pumps. Everyplace I read about this look, everyone is not a fan. I on the other hand love the dress on her! I think the gold undertone goes splendidly with her hair and I hope she wears it again!

Victoria wore a long gown from Adrianna Papell. She has the short version of this dress as well which she wore not terribly long ago to a dinner at the Haga for one of the charities that their (Daniel and Victoria) wedding fund supports. It looks like she wore her grey By Malene Birger heels to match.

Silvia wore a black dress with a monochrome wrap around it. Again everyone I read seemed not to be a fan but I thought she looked splendid! Best use of this wrap to date. I have always hated when she has worn it in the back but this is a great look for it. However I am not so sure about the brooch she is using to hold it closed. Maybe a diamond one would have looked better instead of her ivory flower. 

Seminar at the Palace

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