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Global Child Forum in Pretoria

Princess Sofia is jumping in headfirst to taking on engagements by being the Royal Family's representation to the 2015 Global Child Forum in Pretoria, South Africa. If you don't already know, Global Child Forum is an initiative started by the King and Queen in 2009 with the intention of bringing leaders from all over the world and from a variety of industries and background together to make connections, create partnerships, and discuss topics surrounding Children's Rights. The first forum was held at Stockholm Palace in 2010 and since then they have held a variety of forums in satellite locations all over the world. In addition to holding these forums, Global Child Forum seeks to produce and coordinates studies to provide information on the topics of Children's Rights.

Princess Sofia arrived yesterday in Pretoria. She is wearing a top from Gant and her Peace Sign necklace from Sophie by Sophie. 

Last night she also attended a dinner hosted by the Swedish Embassy in South Africa in connection with the forum. (A video and more photos can be seen here and here)

For this dinner she wore a dress from Armani (most notably seen in her first official photos, although she wore it to a Project Playground Fundraiser in 2013) with a pair of black heels (perhaps her Gant ones but I cannot tell). She wore her hair back in a ponytail and wore her Engelbert Diamond Hoop Earrings. She carried a small black quilted clutch which I do not recognize.

Today was the day of the actual forum in Pretoria. Sofia gave her first recorded speech as a Princess of Sweden and first in English. She did an amazing job. My personal favorite part of the speech was towards the end.
As long as children suffer we have work to do – as individuals and common commitment.
This is such an important point and she emphasized it wonderfully. If you would like to read the rest of her speech, which I highly recommend, you may do so here.
For the forum, Sofia wore a black pinstriped pantsuit with a plain white top. She again wore her Peace Sign Necklace from Sophie by Sophie and pumps from Gant.

Sofia commented saying that she will be staying in South Africa for a bit to visit Project Playground, the Charity she co-founded 5 years ago in Langa, South Africa. 

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