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Victoria and Daniel Visit Gothenburg

On Thursday, September 10th- Victoria and Daniel undertook a visit to Gothenburg. During their time there, they visited 2 programs that are supported by the Crown Princess Couple Foundation; Star for Life and Kodcentrum. Both of these programs are run through schools. Star for Life helps children strengthen their self-esteem and learn to self motivate. Kodcentrum gives students a chance to learn code and programing. In addition to these places, Victoria and Daniel also visited Astra Zeneca, a Swedish pharmaceutical company, and Fryhuset in Kviberg for lunch and a conversation on intergration in Gothenburg.
Victoria wore a new top from Whyred, Pumps from ACNE, and her bracelet is from Maria Nillsdotter. Her bag is the one she debuted the other day from Valentino.

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