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Day 2 of 5 in Peru and Columbia

Today Victoria and Daniel continued their visit to Peru and Columbia. They started the day before 7:30 am with a visit to Volvo Trucks. They next visited the Next Cancer Institute (INEN) where they visited with children. Victoria surprised the press by pulling out books out of her bag by Astrid Lindgren, who is the Swedish author who wrote Pippi Longstocking, and is Victoria's favorite children's author. Finally the finished their public tour with a walking tour of historic Lima. They ate lunch with the Mayor of London before heading to Cartagena, Columbia.
Victoria wore a dress from ASOS's maternity line which she either had made custom or shortened on her own (meaning she had her tailor do it... although picturing Victoria hemming her own dress makes me smile). She started the day in a heels, but then she later changed into sensible flats from TOD's. Her pumps may come from Rizzo, but I haven't seen a better photo of them to be sure.  Her earrings and necklace come from Kreuger Jewellery. She also appears to have a new clutch which appears to be a large white flap bag.



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