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UPDATED: Day 3 of 5 in Peru and Colombia

Victoria and Daniel began their visit to Colombia today with a visit to the Agency of Reintegration, a program focusing on social reintegration and has a partnership with the Folke Bernadotte Academy in Sweden. Next up they attended the opening of a panel with Swedish Companies at a Swedish Sea Port conference. Their final engagement before attending a lunch hosted by the Swedish Ambassador, was a guided walking tour around the historic center of Cartagena. After lunch they got a tour of the Port of Cartagena. In the evening Victoria and Daniel attended a dinner hosted by the Mayor of Cartagena. I have included 1 photo of each outfit below but you can check out Robin Utrecht's wonderful gallery here for more photos!

Victoria wore a dress from Asos' Maternity Line, her shoes appear to by By Malene Birger. She carried her new (very) large white envelope clutch which (UPDATE) comes from Hippi Grace. When they participated in a walking tour, Victoria switched to sensible flats which come from Tod's.



For those of you who love this dress, they have it in regular sizes as well but it is almost sold out so go check it out here!

Later in the evening, Victoria changed into a blue dress for the reception. While I have no confimation on the designer of the dress yet, I believe it comes from Seraphine. (UPDATE IT DOES INDEED COME FROM SERAPHINE) It looks very similar to this dress they sell. I shall, as always, update the blog when I know. She wore her grey By Malene Birger pumps to match. Her clutch comes from Nancy Gonzalez and her earrings are an old favorite of hers. Unfortunately they are UFO's. (Side note- Huge shoutout to all the Facebook followers who are finding ID's on old pieces worn by our leading Swedish Ladies! You all Rock!)

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