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Day 5 of 5 in Peru and Colombia

Victoria and Daniel started their final day by meeting with 3 different women's organizations. They will hear about how the organizations use women as agents of peace. Next they made their way to the Gold Museum located in Bogota's Historical Center. Next they went and saw the Swedish Embassy and afterwards they meet with Colombian students who have had the opportunity to study in Sweden. Their final event was a lunch meeting discussing the topic of transportation and transport infrastructure. That concludes their visit and they will fly back home to be reunited with their darling daughter who has been staying the week with Daniel's parents.

Victoria wore a new dress from Asos which she covered with a cropped peplum jacket from Seraphine. I confirmed with Seraphine that this was their jacket and they said Victoria added the bow after purchasing. An interesting note is that Madeleine has the same jacket in black. She carried her new white bag from Hippi Grace once again.


Princess Leonore in Time to Dress Up

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