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Sofia and Carl Philip are Expecting a Child!

Today the Royal Palace announced today that Princess Sofia is pregnant! The official statement says...
"Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are delighted to announce that The Princess is expecting their first child.
Princess Sofia is feeling well and the birth is expected to take place in April of 2016.
"We are so happy and excited to announce that we are expecting our first child. We are very much looking forward to it," says Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia.
No changes in the schedule of The Prince Couple's public engagements are planned during the fall of 2015."
The Court also released 2 photos in connection to this news. The Court has commented saying that the family has known for a bit but wanted to wait to announce the news until after Prince Nicolas' christening so that the focus would be on him. The entire royal family is thrilled with this news.

For this new photo, Sofia is wearing a top from Viktoria Chan.

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