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Sofia returns to Dalarna

Sofia and Carl Philip undertook a 2 day visit to Dalarna on October 5-6. I am going to break it down by days.

First Day:

Sofia and Carl Philip started off their visit by visiting a school in Borlänge for refugees. They seemed quite at home with the children and Sofia ended up carrying one around for a bit. Next they visited Dalform, a factory that manufactures lockers and storage spaces for schools. Next they visited Skedvibröd where Sofia tried her hand a making flat bread.

After they had lunch they continued on Falun's World Heritage house as well as Falun's Copper Mines. While in the mines, they were given the opportunity to sign their names on the wall- just as the King, Queen, and Crown Princess have done.

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For the first day, Sofia wore a top from Zara and a red coat she *may have* borrowed from Victoria. The coat has long been speculated on its designer since Victoria wore it back in 2011, but nothing concrete has ever been decided. Ideas include Armani and Gant. The coat is from an old Gant Collection, a brand that Sofia has worn since before her marriage. This is why I am skeptical to say for certain she borrowed it from Victoria. Perhaps they both have it, perhaps Victoria borrowed it from Sofia- never the less they have both worn it and that is all we can be certain of. She once again wore boots from Gant and her Engelbert Diamond Hoop Earrings. In the arrival photos, you can see her carrying her black Longchamp bag.

Day 2:

Sofia and Carl Philip started their second day of their visit to Dalarna by touring I-Cell, a factory that makes environmentally friendly insulation. You can see a large photo gallery with descriptions here, and a bonus- it is in English!

For this half of the day, Sofia wore a dress from Indiska and coat from Zara. Her boots come from Gant.

Sofia and Carl Philip changed, and hopped in a helicopter to fly to the top of a local mountain which has a small community of Sami people.

For this part of the visit, Sofia (and Carl Philip) wore a hat from Woolisar, boots from Tretorn, and a jacket from Woolrich.

This photo was posted a few days later and I am unsure what day the dinner took place.

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