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Designer Spotlight: Fadi el Khoury

I figured I would try to do some feature posts from time to time and see how you all like them. Today, let's look at one of the Swedish ladies go-to couture designer. Swedish-Lebanese designer Fadi el Khoury is just that. He is one of the few Swedish couture designers out there and one of the Swedish ladies favorite. He is not just a favorite of Madeleine and Victoria- Marianne Berandotte, Rebecca Ferguson, Martina Bonnier, and Renata Moncalieri. For Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip's wedding he dressed 15 guests! Talk about popular! It is easy to see why he is such a favorite, his designs focus on simple tailoring and the beauty comes in through the layers and the fabric/embroidery used. (In addition to all this he is super helpful and responds to his emails timely and very kindly)

Who can forget Crown Princess Victoria's gown from Princess Madeleine's wedding? The greige rosé with tones of eggplant dress was made of hand dyed sided silk organza with layers of hand-colored tulle in three shades, silk threads, lurex threads, pearls and Swarowski crystals of amethyst and opal gray. It sounds just as amazing as it was. 

Remember Princess Madeleine's two dresses from the Nobel Festivities last December? They both were from Fadi el Khoury and they were stunning as well. The main dress was described as a dress built on layers of silke organza and Italian tulle in shades of greige rosé. Embroidery was done by hand with glass beads, and hand dyed in shades of taupe and burgundy.

The next day she wore a gown described to be a dusty pink dress with lace and tulle. It took me awhile to track it back to Fadi el Khoury but now that I have, I can see his style in the dress. It features classic tailoring that hid Madeleine's pregnancy very well.

Fadi also designed another gown for Victoria which she first wore to a friends wedding in the summer of 2013 but then she officially wore it again for the King's dinner for the Nobel Laureates in December. This gown is described as being a dress of gold lame and tulle with embroidery of gold sequins. This same gown as also worn by a guest, a coworker from Childhood, at Princess Madeleine's wedding. 

In addition to designing gowns, Fadi has also designed a dress for Victoria which she wore in August 2012 when opening up the Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week. She opened his show in a special ceremony and then sat and watched in the front row. I thought it was nice that she wore his dress to show support as it was his first showing at Stockholm Fashion Week.
Victoria later removed the detail from the shoulder and wore the dress again under a coat designed by Fadi when attending the wedding of Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg & Stephanie de Lannoy in October 2012. She was a smashing success with this outfit. 
That brings the grand total pieces that Fadi has designed for our favorite Swedish Ladies to 6 and I know that we will see more pieces in the future. I am crossing my fingers for a gown at the Nobels this year by him! We know he can do maternity wear well considering he hid Madeleine's bump last year! Which of these pieces is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know! 

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