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Happy 1st Birthday!

Today is The Royal's And I's 1st Birthday! Can you believe that it was a year ago today that I started this blog? I can't! It has been a great year- I have met a lot of new people through this blog and we have found lots of new/old ID's! When I started this blog I really did not expect it to grow so much. At the time of writing this we are almost at 70,000 All-Time page views- SEVENTY THOUSAND. That is a lot!

When I started this blog I did not expect that a year later that I
  1. Would still be blogging (I had little faith in myself) or 
  2.  Have a Co-Blogger. 
If you have not heard/read, Heaven of Queen Rania's Fashion joined the site a month or two ago and has been a great help and friend to me. She has currently been hiding in the background but hopefully in the upcoming year she will write some interesting posts for you all! (I am trying to convince her to share her Nobel Predictions with you but so far she is a little reluctant- so encourage her to write!)

In celebration of the blog's 1st Birthday, I will be continuing the Designer Spotlight Series that I launched last month. My hope is do spotlight 1-2 designers a month. These designers I am picking are going to be ones that have designed for multiple Swedish Royal Ladies and over the course of a few years so that we can see a)The different styles of the different ladies and b) How their fashion has changed over time. If you have ideas about designers that you think should be featured Tweet me, Facebook message me, Email me, or leave a comment!

To finish this post I thought I would share some of my favorite ID's from the past year! (And if you have not heard- We have officially identified 600 pieces for Victoria!)

Global Child Forum 2015 in Stockholm

Visit to Värmland