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Nobel Predictions

You requested- We are answering. Here are Heaven and I's predictions for all things Nobel Festivities!

Queen Silvia

Sarah- I expect Silvia to wear the 9 Prong/Queen Sophia's Diamond Tiara this year. If you look back over the past few years she seems to have alternated between Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara and the 9 Prong. If you have ever stalked my online presence you will not be surprised to hear that this is not my favorite a long shot... I really am not a fan. I will say that it is growing on me but very very slowly so I don't hold my breath for this year! As for a gown I would love to see one of the gowns she wore to either Victoria or Madeleine's wedding but that probably isn't likely so I will have to say anything but that gown from 2 years ago or the dress from Carl Philip's wedding. I will probably regret saying "anything" but that is what I am going to say... If we get a monstrosity- I give you permission to blame it on me! 

Heaven- I think she'll be going with the 9 Prong which is not my favorite. I personally would love to see her in the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara. Keeping in mind that she will probably wear the 9 Prong, I would love her to wear the dress she wore at Madeleine's wedding! It was one of my favorite at the wedding and I've been dying to see it again! But she'll probably surprise me as always.

Crown Princess Victoria

Sarah- I honestly have no clue what Victoria is going to wear this year (which is why I really did not want to write this post). She is going to be pretty pregnant and I have not figured out what she going to wear. Maybe Pär Engsheden or Fadi el Khoury? I like their designs so I will go with that. Or maybe she will wear a custom Seraphine Maternity gown as we know she has been loving them this pregnancy! As for a tiara... I am always hoping for the 6-Button- because unlike the rest of the world that is my favorite but I have a feeling Christina is going to wear that so realistically I am going to say the Laurel Wreath Tiara. 
Heaven- Even though I'm sure she will choose a Swedish designer such as Fadi el Khoury or Par Engsheden, I'm dying to see her in Elie Saab ( I know, pretty unrealistic) It's been a while since she wore Elie Saab and she always look amazing in his designs. Although I don't think anything could top what she wore last year! I think she will wear the tiara she wore last year and that's absolutely fine by me as I love that tiara.

After we wrote these predictions, we found this tweet so it looks like Fadi el Khoury is a likely prediction for Victoria! (They hinted on their Facebook page that the material was for Victoria)

Princess Sofia

Sarah- I expect Sofia to wear her wedding tiara again. I really hope she does because I want to see some more photos of it. I still have not decided my feelings on it. I am thinking she may go for a custom gown from Ida Sjöstedt, the same designer who made her last Nobel gown and Wedding dress. I would love to see her in a YDE Copenhagen gown but I am not going to hold my breath for that.
Heaven- I think she will go for a custom Ida  Sjöstedt gown and her wedding tiara. I would love to see her in a Zuhair Murad couture gown maybe as she wore one of his design to her pre-wedding dinner but again, just a wishful thought

Princess Madeleine- 

Sarah- I am going to take an oh so wild leap (sarcasm) and say she is going to wear the Carl XVI Gustaf diamond tiara. The same one she wore for her wedding and almost every tiara occasion since her 18th birthday. The girl loves that tiara! (It is beautiful- don't get me wrong- but I would love to see some variety) As for a gown I am feeling a red/pink/purple color this year. As for designer I have no clue but she normally does a really good job picking dresses I like so I am going to let her surprise me.

Heaven- It's the same every year, I have no clue about what she'll wear but I'm pretty sure she'll choose her wedding tiara. I would love to see her in a purple Zac Posen gown and the Amethyst tiara because I love purple and the fitting of Zac Posen's designs are always amazing and she would look so good !

Princess Christina

Sarah- I am throwing Christina into the mix just because I feel that she does not get enough coverage and love. I expect Christina to wear the 6-Button Tiara (as I mentioned above). She looks great in the tiara and it is my favorite. As for a gown I expect a kaftan inspired dress that she pulls off so well and does very often. 

Heaven- I'm not really familiar with her and I don't know anything about her style so I look through some of her old looks and I'd like her to repeat the dress she wore at Carl-Philip and Sofia's wedding  with the 6-Button tiara.

Well that is our predictions- What are you predicting for the Nobel Ceremony? What are you hoping to see? 

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