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Saturday Catch-Up

Yesterday there were a bunch of photos of different outings from the Swedish Ladies from the past few days- but I was just plum too tired to post about them. (I had my own Julmarknad to attend to...)

Speaking of Julmarknad (Christmas Markets)- Victoria, Daniel, and Estelle attended one at the Royal Stables yesterday.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

This was not an announced visit but something I imagine they were doing as a family and the court decided to release photos afterwards. One distinct piece of clothing I can ID is Estelle's coat. You may recognize it as being the same coat she wore to pick up the Christmas trees at the palace last year- or you could recognize it from the 1970s when Victoria wore it. I was surprised to see it again- I figured a year later Estelle would not fit into it as kids grow like weeds but I guess I was wrong!

Another outing that was pictured yesterday was Sofia attending a Friday Night soccer/football game apart of a new Project Playground initiative. They are sponsoring an event where refugee children get to connect and meet others in similar places as them through playing on a large field after hours.

My great Facebook and Twitter followers alerted me that she was wearing a top from IRO and pants that may be from Isabella Oliver Maternity. (I really don't know about the pants- the photos are too blurry to say for sure so I am not going to post them on the blog)

I think that is all for news that I have missed. Let me know if I forgot something dear readers! 

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