Christmas Tree's at the Palace

Sofia and Carl Philip took their turn this year to receive the Christmas Tree's at the Royal Palace. For the past 2 years, you might recall that Victoria and Estelle have taken the outing, but this year they let Sweden's newest Princess and her Prince have a turn! I was upset that we would not be seeing Estelle but that lasted until I saw Sofia's dress. I am in love with it! (Make a Mental Note- much like purple is the way to Order of Splendor's heart, Blues and Greens are the way to mine!)

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Sofia wore a new dress from H&M, while it is not online, Kungliga Modebloggen was kind enough to snap a photo at a local store and post it. She wore her Red Valentino Jacket that she gets great wear out of, and YSL black Pumps. I think this is a solid A outfit and I hope we will see the dress again! If she's done with it- she could just mail it to me! :D Her bracelet comes from Caroline Svedbom.