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UPDATED: King's Dinner for the Nobel Laureates

Tonight, the King hosted his annual dinner at the Stockholm Palace for the Nobel Laureates. Like last night, all the family attended in their finest gowns and jewels. This is not as big of an occasion so there are less photos and often the lighting in the photos is off- but I will post the best I can and give you the details as I know them!

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Starting off with Silvia- I don't even know where to begin. Order of Splendor said it nicely- she has an extra tablecloth hanging off her hip. I am not really a fan of this outfit but she has done worse so I am just going to leave it at that.

As for jewels, Silvia pulled out the Leuctenberg Sapphires with tiara, brooch, and earrings. Her necklace is one of the many diamond necklaces in the Bernadotte Collection. I have yet to master the differences between those- give me time, I am working on it.

Victoria made me very happy by re-wearing her Pär Engsheden dress from Nobels 2011 when she was pregnant with the Sass Queen herself- Estelle. She matched this midnight blue sparkly dress with the Baden Fringe tiara and the diamond bow brooch from the Bernadotte Collection. I think she is wearing the upper half of the Brazilian Parure Earrings but I can't say with 100% certainty. She appears to have the same zig-zag diamond bracelet as last night on her right wrist. She carried her Alexander McQueen clutch.

Princess Sofia was hands-down my favorite of the night (Heaven did not care for the color...). Her gown remains unidentified currently but it is a stunning dusty blue, a little bit bluer than Madeleine's last night but still very similar colors.  UPDATE: Her dress is a custom made couture dress from Zetterberg Couture. It featured lace and similar button detailing to Madeleine's. I am really hoping she decides to wear it again because it is stunning. As for jewels she wore her wedding tiara once again and this time matched it with the same earrings as she wore on her wedding day. These earrings were once apart of Queen Josefina's Diamond Stomacher-Necklace and have been a favorite of Victoria's for the past few years. Sofia also borrowed Queen Victoria's Diamond & Pearl Bow Brooch (without the pendant) from the Bernadotte Collection. On her right wrist she appeared to be wearing a pearl bracelet, I imagine it is the 3 strand pearl bracelet from the Bernadotte Collection, but as the photos are not great, I cannot say for certain. She appears to be carrying a new clutch from Mango.

Princess Madeleine wore a grey dress which featured a high collar and lace detailing. It was not my favorite dress by a long shot, but I believe it was Heaven's favorite. It also remains unidentified currently, but we are wondering about it being Valentino and have an email out asking them to confirm or deny.  UPDATE: She is wearing an Alberta Ferretti dress from the Pre-Fall 2015 collection. Madeleine wore her favorite tried and trusted Modern Fringe Tiara which she paired with one of the pairs of pearl drop earrings from the Bernadotte Collection. She wore the Bernadotte Diamond Bracelet (for lack of a better description) which I believe is a first for her. She carried a Bottega Veneta clutch.

Victoria at a Board Meeting

Nobel Prize Ceremony