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UPDATED: 25th of January: Sofia and Victoria

Today, Victoria was at Viksjö School in Järfälla to hear a lecture given by Emerich Roth. Emerich Roth is a Holocaust Survivor and goes around to schools telling about how he cheated death repeatedly during World War II. He and Victoria have met before, most recently last year on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. After his lecture, Victoria joined him in walking around to see the students presentations. This lecture was a part of the schools peace and democracy work with its' students.

Victoria wore her Whyred Grace Silk Top with the same long black blazer she wore last Thursday. She wore a pair of black booties which have not been identified yet. We saw the same boots last Monday (I had previously got them confused with her af Klingberg boots but they are not the same). She carried her Valentino Bag and wore Kreuger Jewellery earrings, necklace, and bracelet.

Later tonight Sofia and Carl Philip will attend the Sports Gala. I will update this post when photos become available- so stay tuned! Sofia and Carl Philip arrived on the red carpet and looked smashing.
Sofia, whose bump is now very visible, wore a new blue gown that we suspect to be CONFIRMED to be from Greta. She wore new earrings from Zara (Thanks World of Royals for finding these!), and carried the same clutch that she did to Nicolas' Christening (any one have an idea on the designer?). She appears to be wearing blue pumps but I have no idea on their designer.

Have a great rest of your Monday! 

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