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An Adventure to the Scandinavian Library

***Note: This has nothing to do with Current Royal Events or anything to do with Fashion***

Yesterday I took an adventure to the Scandinavian Library in my state. I just discovered that it existed last month and planned a trip with my grandfather as something that we could do together. So we started off our journey and arrived to find this library was one room inside a Cultural Center and a Elderly Home.

Upon entering, I found the room was packed with books- I was like a kid in a candy shop. One of the volunteers asked if I wanted help and I told her I was looking for their books about the Swedish Royal Family. She looked at me funny and then proceeded to help me. I sat down and began to read and then found so many new-to-me stories and facts. My favorite story I am going to share below- I think it really shows the quick wit of Queen Silvia.
The state visit to Mexico in 1982 ended in a small idyllic town on Yucatan Peninsula. The last night the royal couple, royal court, and the press all stayed at the same luxury hotel which only had just one private phone. This one was located in the royal couple's suite. In the middle of the night (it was the daytime in Sweden) Expressen began to call and seek a reporter, Björn Vinberg.
-He is not here, said a dazed Queen Silvia.
-Where is he?
-I do not know.
-Who are you?
-A German tourist.
A moment later the phone rang again. Where is Vinberg?
-I know absolutely not, said Silvia.
-Is it the German tourist?
-Sorry then.
-By all means.
The next morning when the royal couple gave the last interview at the airport in Merida the queen said:
Good morning, editor Vinberg. Last night I was your private operator!
Other Fun tidbits from my visit proved to be very uplifting to me- These volunteers would talk to me in English and then turn to one another and begin to talk in Swedish. I was very surprised how much of their conversation I understood! (In case you do not know- I only speak English but I continue to try to expand my Swedish vocabulary- I am slowly teaching myself!) I also made a friend who gave me some great tips on expanding the blog- so look for some of those changes in the next few weeks.

I am going to have to go back and find more fascinating stories and photos and try some Swedish Pastries at their Cafe! (Yesterday was Danish day but I really want to try a Semla so I am going to take my Grandmother and go back sometime!)

I look forward to getting back to Fashion Updates and Reports later this week! 

A meeting with Svenskdam Editor and Chief!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!