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January 21- A Busy Day for Princesses

Today was a busy day for Princesses All Around.

Let's start with Madeleine who owned the Paparazzi this morning by posting her own photos of her Vacation while getting a perfect jab in at them ignoring the families privacy. Go Madeleine!

In one of the photos, she can be seen wearing a super cute Beach Cover-Up from Juliet Dunn London. In the photos you can also see Leonore in some Livly Bows and a dress from Marie Chantal! One photo featuring Nicolas with Madeleine shows him wearing a bodysuit from Marie Chantal as well!

Next up we will go to Crown Princess Victoria who attended one of the concerts during the Young Music at the Palace which we discussed yesterday.

Later in the day, she visited Futebol da forca (IFK Tumba Football Club) and observed a training session. The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation supports the work that Tumba does.

She wore pants for the first time (for a public engagement) in many months today. Her jacket comes from By Malene Birger, her bag is from Valentino and her shoes are Yves Saint Laurent. Her earrings come from Kreuger Jewellery.

Finally we are at Princess Sofia, who handled out the medals to Sophiasysters. On January 1st, she took over from the King's sister, Princess Christina as honorary chairman of Sophiahemmet.

She wore a beautiful new lace dress from H&M Maternity Line, over which she wore her Max Mara jacket from the Te Deum before the wedding. I think she is wearing Yves Saint Laurent pumps. Her bracelet comes from Pearls of Freja. (Credit for finding this dress goes to @PRINSESSANSOFIA on Twitter)

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