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Victoria at Jacob Wallenberg's 60th Birthday Celebration

This photo came across my Instagram feed this morning of Victoria attending Jacob Wallenberg's 60th Birthday Celebrations. I do not know when it was but never-the-less I have a photo to share with you! Jacob Wallenberg is a good friend of the Swedish Royal Family as well as the person who helps to managed their finances.

Victoria is wearing a jacket from UNREAL FUR and what appears to be a gown from Seraphine (I am still waiting on confirmation from Seraphine NOT FROM SERAPHINE but I wanted to get this post up before I go to classes for the day). She is carrying her Stella McCartney Zip Clutch and I think she is wearing Lara Bohinc earrings. If anyone finds better photos- please send them my way!

Young Music at the Palace

Victoria attends Agenda 2030