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Victoria attends Agenda 2030

Today, Victoria attended the conference titled Agenda 2030 in downtown Stockholm. This conference focused on what Sweden can do to help reach the global goals that the UN set in September. These 17 goals that they hope to reach by 2030 are goals that strive to improve inequality, poverty, hunger, and strive to sustain and protect our planet.

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For this engagement Victoria wore some of what have been her staples throughout her pregnancy. She chose her black and white geometric Asos Maternity dress. Over this she wore her Seraphine Black Peplum Blazer (Currently out of stock). She chose to keep with the black theme by selecting her black Valentino bag. It also appears that she is wearing a new watch instead of her trusty Epoch watch which was a gift from the court about 5 years or so ago.

I must be honest- my first reaction to the photos was- "Holy Bump!" Victoria has really popped- I am pretty convinced she is going to give birth near Estelle's Birthday- I really don't see her holding off until March! The next time you will here from me is most likely Thursday when Sofia has her first engagement of the year. Until then- have a great week! 

Victoria at Jacob Wallenberg's 60th Birthday Celebration

Welcome to 2016!