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Welcome to 2016!

Welcome back! I am so excited about what this upcoming year holds for the Swedish Royal Family- both on a personal event standpoint as well as in the fashion area!

Victoria was back to work today joining Daniel, and the King and Queen for a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs discussing State Visits. Now I doubt we will see any state visits for Victoria or Daniel until at least after the summer, the King and Queen may carry out one or two.

For this meeting Victoria wore once again her Seraphine Bubble Print Maternity Dress- while this dress is currently Sold Out- it will be back in stock in March for those of you who are looking to add it to your closet!

We have to wait another week to see Victoria again but I am sure it will be worth the wait to see how big her bump has grown! Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Photos From Seraphine and

Victoria attends Agenda 2030

A meeting with Svenskdam Editor and Chief!