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Young Music at the Palace

Today, Sofia joined the King and Queen at the concert of Young Music at the Palace (Unga Musik på Slottet). It has been a long standing tradition (since King Gustav VI Adolf in 1970) that once a month there is a concert at the palace (Musik på Slottet) but in 2009, the King started this weeklong concert series where young children are invited to listen to Young Musicians perform at the Palace in Stockholm. The King and Queen also attended a concert this morning before being joined by Sofia in the afternoon session.

For this Sofia wore a dress which I believe is from H&M, you can really see her bump growing but she has just to turn to Maternity Dresses. I have yet to find a good photo where you can see her shoes to know anything about them. Her bracelet comes from Pearls of Freja (See above).

Queen Silvia wore the suit that we discussed over a year ago. Thankfully she has kept the gigantic bows off - let's hope they are off for good!

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