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Super Mom!

Crown Princess Victoria attended a lecture given today by Ban Ki-moon, the UN General Secretary at Stockholm State House. This lecture is in memory of Dag Hammaskjöld, which is held in joint connection with Dag Hammaskjöld Foundation and Uppsala University. This event will be Victoria's first since giving birth to Prince Oscar, just 27 days ago.

Victoria wore a black dress which I believe is the same as this one. She wore a new coat which I think is LK Bennett but I have not been able to find a photo to prove me to be correct. Her bag is old and for some reason I have it in my mind that it is By Malene Birger but I am not sure about that. Her jewelry is also old. Her earrings are from Misst and her necklace is as well. She wore a pair of black pumps but I am unsure if they are new or old. (Side Rant: Why do Royal Ladies need so many pair of black pumps? Will someone please explain that to me?! Rant Over)


In other news, I am busy, busy, busy! I am a full time student as most of you know- but recently I started 2 (could be argued 3) new jobs that all started within the last week. It has been crazy! Tonight is the first night I have had a chance to sit down even think about royals! 

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Sofia at Sophiahemmet