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A Glimpse inside the Celebrations

I know this blog is a Fashion Blog, but that does not mean I am not interested things other than the Royal's Fashion! Fashion is just something that is fun to look for- it is a free, online scavenger hunt! And I love things free, online, and a good scavenger hunt! Another thing that fits into this category would be finding photos of the royals in the depths of Social Media! Today I want to give you a glimpse of what was going on inside the Royal Palace from some of the guests, staff, and performers!

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First Up: Performers!

For the King's Private Party, the cast of Mamma Mia The Party came for entertainment! There was a few photos posted by one of the group members of them inside the palace. She writes that the King and Queen got up and danced with them onstage! This is not a huge surprise- you might recall that there were photos and stories of them dancing at Princess Madeleine's Wedding as well!

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Some of the Chefs and Guards at the Palace also shared photos on various Social Media platforms! Here is a close up of the medals worn tonight!

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This photo I believe is connected to the caption of the following photo. This first photo was shared by a hairdresser who was helping get the Bavarian Ladies ready. He looked out one of the window's of the Palace and he saw the King walking back from the Temporary Kitchen Tents set up in the Courtyard. The following photo is captioned saying the King had just visited the kitchen and had shared that he was getting hungry! I think those two photos are related- what do you think?

And a photo of the food for the evening being prepared!

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Finally some of the guests have taken to Social Media to share their times at the party! Apparently the King got up on stage and played guitar? That I would love to see a photo of!

Is this a post you want to see on the blog in the future? Or would you like me to strictly stick to the fashion? Let me know!

Social Media Sunday: Week of May 2nd

UPDATED: The Celebration's Continue!