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Christening Wrap-Up and New ID's

Well I am still recovering from my 20 hour day on Friday, but I wanted to provide you with a few quick photos and finds that have occurred since the christening. First of all- I woke up this morning to Princess Madeleine posting these adorable photos. It is Mother's Day in Sweden today so I am sure both her and Victoria are celebrating with their children.

Next, the Royal Court published the official photos from the Christening- these photos were taken by Anna-Lena Ahlström (who also took the photos above). Anna-Lena also took the photos which were published on the stamps at the beginning of the year.

Finally- I am so pleased to be able to tell you that I have found Princess Leonore's shoes from the Christening. They come from Pretty Ballerina- a brand which Princess Madeleine has also worn. It appears that Madeleine has removed the bow from the shoes, which I personally prefer. You can purchase the shoes for your little one here - and get a matching pair for yourself perhaps- here. If you checked the last post when it first posted- you will now notice that we have found Queen Silvia's shoes and bag- as well have added quite a few new pieces to her side page. 

This week begins with a slow start but on Wednesday Victoria has a meeting at the Palace, Sofia has one on Thursday, and on Friday Madeleine, Chris, and Leonore will visit Götland! And June 6th is National Day- so we will see all the ladies in the National Dress. National Day is one of my favorite days so I am very excited! After that things calm down a bit- however I have some fun posts planned for the blog with a Guest Blogger or two so stay tuned for those! 

Welcoming New Ministers at the Palace

UPDATED: Oscar's Christening!