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Meetings at the Palace

Today Crown Princess Victoria participated in the board meeting of the Crown Princess Margareta Veterans Reserve Foundation. Victoria is chair of this foundation which supports different initiatives dealing with voluntary defense work around the country. In today's meeting she also handed out some medals to some participants. Victoria also held an audience for Hugo Nordenfeldt- but no photos have been released in connection to that.

Victoria appears to be wearing a white oversized top featuring folded sleeves. I cannot recall if we have seen this top before, I have a gut feeling that she has worn it or one like it before but I cannot find a photo to confirm my suspicions. The photo is not good enough for me to identify her shoes but they look to be either black or navy.

Don't forget that this Friday is the Christening of Prince Oscar! Guests begin to arrive at 11:00 CET and with the Royals arriving at 12:00 CET. I will be up (before 05:00 my time!) and Live Tweeting, helping Expressen (Who have been so kind to me recently- did you see the article they asked me to contribute to?!), and of course writing a post for all of you!

Sophiahemmet for Sofia!

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