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Odds and Ends

Neither of these two photos have enough to write about to make them their own posts so let's lump them together as one!

Yesterday, Princess Madeleine posted this lovely photo of her with Nicolas on Facebook. She wanted to wish a Happy Mother's Day to everyone who acts like a mother keeping children safe. Mother's Day is not a Swedish Holiday nor was yesterday Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom, but Madeleine did live in the United States for a few years so it makes sense that she is aware of it.

Nicolas is wearing a sweater from Marie Chantal in this photo! How precious! A reader on Facebook suggested that Madeleine's top might be from Zara but I don't think we can be certain on that with the low quality of the photo that we were given. 

Today, Victoria and Daniel joined the King and Queen for a meeting about the State Visit from Chile that is about to take place. Currently the calendar only says that the King and Queen are going to be participating in this State Visit but I believe that is most likely not correct. So I wouldn't be surprised if we see some other members of the family joining in for different aspects of the visit. 

First Day of the State Visit from Chile

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