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Social Media Sunday: Week of May 2nd

After the great response from our post "Inside the Celebrations" last week, I've decided to do a trial run of a similar series of posts called- Social Media Sunday. I think this will be on a trial basis for a month or so to see what you all think. It will look like collection of posts from Social Media from the previous weeks featuring outings, sightings, and stories of the royals. It may include some fashion ID's that have come later in the week. I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to leave a comment or send me some feedback on what you thought! 

The day after the celebration (May 1st) Victoria and Daniel were seen walking in Haga with their children.

On Monday, the King and Queen were photographed walking the dog Brandie in Drottningholm Park. Brandie is the brown dog in the photos. You can see the King leaning on the walking stick in the background and the queen in blue and her favorite brown coat.

Victoria and Daniel took the kids to Öland, where they have a house. Öland has a very special place in the Royal Family's heart and is a great place for the kids to spend their time running around outside, playing in the pool, at the sea, and going for walks! Victoria was seen out for a walk- the posters writes that she was wearing a sunhat and pushing a stroller.

The King and Queen seemed to take some private time to visit a museum in Malaysia after the Global Child Forum this week. Here they are at a museum where the King received a surprise Birthday Present!

More photos from their day off. They appear to be sightseeing in the city, something they don't often get a chance to do when they go on official tours abroad.

Odds and Ends

A Glimpse inside the Celebrations