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Sophiahemmet for Sofia!

Today, Princess Sofia handed out the honors to Sophiasysters at Sophiahemmet- a private hospital in Stockholm. Sophiasysters are graduates of the Sophiahemmet University, a school for nurses to get their education. Once they have graduated to trained nurses they are called Sophiasyster or a "Sophia Sister". You may recall that Princess Sofia took over as Honorary President of the hospital, succeeding her Aunt-in-Law (if you would like to give it a label) Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnusson. Princess Christina was president from 1972 until the beginning of this year.

Sofia wore a new dress from Goat Fashion (Found by the Always Fabulous Rebecca). This red dress features a raised neck and near side bow, 3/4 length sleeves plus Goats signature side seam pockets. She paired it with her nude pumps from Kurt Geiger and diamond pave hoops from Engelbert Stockholm.

Don't forget that tomorrow is Prince Oscar's Christening! The Godparents were announced this morning (Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mette Marit, Princess Madeleine, Oscar Magnusson, and Hans Åstrom) and the guest list was released (sans Personal Friends and Court Staff). I will be up bright and early (actually it won't be bright when I get up...) and will be commenting live on Twitter and if you tune into Expressen you just might see me there as well. It is going to be a fabulous time and with the promise of 4/5 cousins in attendance you can be sure there will be some chaotic moments! 

UPDATED: Oscar's Christening!

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