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Glad Nationaldag!

Today, June 6th, is Sweden's National Day! June 6th was chosen for two reasons, in 1523 Gustav Vasa was elected King, laying the ground work for Sweden to be come an independent state, and in 1809 Sweden adopted a new constitution. In 1916, the day was given the title of Flag Day, marking that Sweden had acquired its own flag after the separation from Norway. The day has been celebrated since 1983 as National Day, however it was not celebrated as a public holiday until 2004.

Today the royal family is participating in a variety of events throughout the country. However before we even get to those, let's look at the adorable photos that the Royal Court published this morning. These photos, taken by Kate Gabor, feature Estelle, Oscar, and Victoria out in the yard of Haga Palace. These photos have become a tradition every year, a photo of Estelle in the national dress has come out every year since she could walk. I cannot wait until Oscar is included wearing the Swedish National Dress as well- but for now we will have to settle for overalls.

In these photos, we see Victoria wearing a gold disk necklace, which reader Katrina has found to be from Dulong Fine Jewelry. This Danish brand is most associated with Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and Katrina suggested that perhaps it was a gift from Mary and Frederik to Victoria. I think it is a good possibility! Her dress is from Ralph Lauren (Thanks Ella!)

Oscar's overalls/dungarees come from Mayoral.

Next up in the day was Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, and Prince Alexander opening the Royal Palace in Stockholm.
Sofia is wearing the national dress, without the head covering, and on her feet she is wearing a pair of black low heels with bows on the toe- which we first saw last year when visiting Värmland.

Next up in the day, was Victoria and Daniel attending a ceremony for new Swedish citizens receiving their passports. These kinds of ceremonies are held every year, all over the country, on National Day. Last year Victoria and Daniel also attended one in Uppsala.
For this, Victoria wore her English Garden Print Dress from Oscar de la Renta, carried her Abro woven clutch, and wore what appears to be Dior pumps. Her earrings are from Kreuger Jewellery and she wore a diamond pendant necklace, which was for the most part, hidden under her dress.

This evening, the family took a carriage ride down to the concert at Skansen and then will return to the Palace to participate in the tattoo ceremony with invited guests. (for some reason, Getty does not have any photos of the King and Queen in the carriage processional yet- but they were there!)

All the ladies are wearing the National Dress, established in 1983. The white folded caps on their heads are worn only when they are married, which makes this Sofia's first time wearing one. Estelle wore a braided crown on her head- typical for young girls. Sofia and Madeleine chose to wear non-traditional shoes, which normally results in an article griping about this in some tabloid. Let's save that discussion for a different place- so if you comment complaining about their shoes- I will remove it. Sofia wore the same shoes as she did this morning, and Madeleine wore a pair of black heels- which she wears every year. Sofia's earrings come from Engelbert Stockholm, while her sisters-in-law chose to wear diamonds and pearls.

Opening Childhood Sweden!

Madeleine attends a Folk Concert