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Leonore in Gotland

Today marked Princess Leonore's first official engagement. She traveled to Gotland, her duchy, with her parents to undertake a variety of engagements in the area. Chris, Madeleine, and Leonore arrived shortly after 12:00 via airplane. They went straight to meet Haidi- the horse Leonore was given as a Christening gift from Gotland. A live stream of photos can be seen here. She was extremely excited upon her arrival- as you can see below!
Leonore ran all over the place. She gave everyone exercise by running all over the field, which I feel any child would do if given the opportunity. I was watching via live stream and I wanted to run with her! She was given a carrot to feed to Haidi, which she proceeded to eat herself! Leonore is certainly a ball of energy!

She is off to go have lunch now and this post will be updated throughout the day as they undertake more engagements. She got herself a bit wet while playing with the water and brushes to clean Haidi so she changed her dress before leaving. Madeleine mentioned that they expected her to run around because that is who she is as a child- very energetic.

They have now finished eating a lunch of meatballs and mini burgers with ice cream for dessert and are walking through Gotland to their final destination of a children's museum. Along their walk, Leonore got a small bouquet of flowers and she once again showed off her running skills as they walked down the stone street. She looks like she is having a great time!

Leonore arrived wearing a blue and white pleated summer dress from Jacadi and her Pretty Ballerina Ballet Flats. She took her flats off to run around and later put them back on when leaving. Her bow is of course from Livly. When she arrived and got off the plane, she was wearing this scalloped sweater from Jacadi

Madeleine wore a brown outfit- I am not a huge fan. While I understand it is perfect for chasing around Leonore, I would have preferred a less boxy top. Nevertheless, her top comes from Joseph. Her shoes come from Tabitha Simmons. Her sunglasses are from Valentino. Her heart-shaped bangle bracelet *appears* come from Krista Kretzschmar, but I am waiting to hear back from the designer to confirm. CONFIRMED When getting off the plane, she was pictured wearing a white jacket which readers have informed me comes from Moncler.

After their time playing in the field with the horse, Madeleine changed into a pair of wedges from Vince. Her new bag, we finally got a good look at and is from Chloe

While playing with Haidi, she got her self a bit wet so she changed into a white and blue dress from Livly. 

Other fun bits of the visit included Chris revealing he is taking Swedish Lessons but needs finds it hard when he is not fully submersed in the culture. Madeleine said she prefers living in Sweden and that she misses riding and Chris compared Leonore's energy level to a monkey- which I think is safe to say is an accurate representation of what we saw today. In some of the photos you can see Chris holding a riding helmet for Leonore. She didn't end up needing the helmet as she was more interested in running than in her horse- but her helmet comes from Casco.

Madeleine attends a Folk Concert

Welcoming New Ministers at the Palace