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Opening Childhood Sweden!

Today, Princess Madeleine officially opened World Childhood Foundation- Sweden's new office. They moved into the new office in Stockholm earlier this year but today was the official day! (Similar to how Queen Elizabeth II's father died a year before her coronation) Madeleine has been involved with World Childhood Foundation for many years, although she is most associated with working there since 2011 when she moved to New York City to be a Project Manager. In February of this year, she was appointed an Board Member of Childhood and was in the US when Prince Alexander was born working on their newest initiative, Eyes Wide Open.

For today's events, she wore a blouse from Chloe. She has had this blouse since 2014 at least. She finished the look with a white blazer and white trouser. Again, like on Friday, I wish she was wearing a bit more color, but she looks very professional. I imagine after this, she flew back to London with the kids. Tomorrow is Madeleine and Chris' 3rd wedding anniversary so would imagine that they are spending the day as a family. It appears that she is wearing the same gold hoops, that we saw on Friday and possibly her Krista Kretzschmar bangle. She appears to be wearing nude shoes- but I cannot tell from these 2 photos.

In the next week or so, keep your eyes open for a big change on the blog! It's going to be good- I promise! 

EAT Conference and Stenhammar Day

Glad Nationaldag!