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Opening of Royal Wedding Gowns

Yesterday, Queen Silvia officially opened the the Exhibition at the Royal Palace featuring the family's wedding gowns. The exhibition will be open until March 2017 so if you are in Stockholm, make sure you go see it!

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia joined the queen at the opening- Princess Madeleine was due to attend as well but could not make it after the kids got sick with the stomach flu (and then she started to get ill herself). 

The exhibition features Queen Silvia's, Crown Princess Victoria's, Princess Madeleine's, Princess Sofia's, as well as Princess Lilian's wedding gowns and veils. The pre-wedding gowns of Princess Madeleine and Crown Princess Victoria are also on display as well as the reception gowns of Princess Madeleine and Princess Sofia. The bridal bouquets have been remade and are on display as well as many of the bride's accessories and bridal children clothing. 

Both Princess Sofia and Crown Princess Victoria wore outfits which we have seen before. Victoria wore her zebra Whyred dress which she first wore in New York City and Sofia wore her Gucci dress from Prince Nicolas' christening. Sofia paired her outfit with shoes from Rizzo and Victoria carried her Dagmar clutch. Victoria wore new earrings from Charlotte Bonde and an old pair of Stella McCartney black platform heels. Queen Silvia I believe is in a custom Georg et Arend outfit. 

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