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Visit to Värmland

On Friday, Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip visited Värmland, the Prince Couple's duchy. 

There is a selection of photos of their trip for your enjoyment. I don't have time to go into the details of their trip today (hopefully I will have time to update it later this week). But here is the fashion rundown!

For Sofia's first outfit she wore a blue blouse from Mayla, the same blouse Victoria wore in London in white. She paired the look with her Gant boots first worn in Darlana last year and a new pair of earrings from Gynning Design. 

After her trip to Fritidsbanken, she changed into a white blouse from Ahlvar and a Red Valentino coat- this outfit she wore for the rest of her day visit. 

In the evening at the reception, Sofia wore yet another blouse from Ahlvar which she paired with another pair of earrings from Gynning Design, silver Charlotte Olympia pumps, and her silver Mango clutch. 

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